Episode 28: What We Read In January

 It's time for Episode 28, and Dean might have read a little too much! PJ gets excited for Michael Ende, Dean trashes Cormac McCarthy, and we have a surprise call-in from Peter Morris, co-author of The East German Spy Mistress. 

Books reviewed include:

- Entremeses / entr'actes (Cervantes, 1615)

- Novelas Ejemplares  / exemplary novels (Cervantes, 1613)

- The Road (Cormac McCarthy, 2006)

- Rio Sonora (J. Reeder Archuleta, 2010)

- Amor y Pedegogía / love and pedagogy (Miguel de Unamuno, 1902)

- The Neverending Story / die unendliche geschichte (Michael Ende, 1979)

- Lenchen's Secret / lenchens geheimnis (Michael Ende, 1991)

- The East German Spy Mistress (Natalia Pastukhova w/ Peter Morris, 2022)

 -Garth Marenghi's Terrortome (Garth Marenghi, 2022)

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