Episode 20

 Welcome to Books Boys Episode 20!!

We tried so hard to keep the runtime under 2hrs this month. TheDean! ventures into some more modern books, before taking refuge in dickens's deputy, and PJ sneaks in some 9th art to the reading list! We also have a surprise call-in from author Sharon Sutila to talk about her book The Stealing (thestealing.com)

Books discussed include:

- The Country Doctor (Honoré de Balzac, 1833)

- The House of the Cat and Racket (Balzac, 1830)

- Little Novels (Wilkie Collins, 1887) 

- The Perfume (Patrick Suskind, 1985)

- Lunar Park (Bret Easton Ellis, 2005)

- The Stealing (S.A. Sutila, 2021)

- The Discovery of Heaven (Harry Mulisch, 1992)

- Comet In Moominland (Tove Jansson, 1946)

- The Hundred Year Old Man (Jonas Jonasson, 2009)

- Nimm's Leicht! (Loriot, 1981)

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Episode 19

Welcome to a bumper 2hr spectacular edition of Books Boys.

We both celebrated our birthdays this month, and we both did ALOT of reading! Plus, we have surprise call-ins from TWO authors: Hugo Cukurs (hughcukurs.com) and Susan Salenger (susansalenger.com), and we hear PJ's amazing new song about the taming of the shrew. 

Books (and plays) discussed include:

- Far Away (Caryl Churchill, 2000) 
- Lost Illusions (Honoré de Balzac, 1837-43)
- The Marriage Contract (Balzac, 1835) 
- The Marquess's Daughter (Alexandre Dumas, 1870)
- The Kindness Workbook (Robin Raven, 2021)
- Sidelined: How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Health (Susan Salenger, 2022)
- Samurais of Fukushima: The Battle Of The Dead (Hugo Cukurs, 2018)
- Peer Gynt; Ghosts (Henrik Ibsen, 1867; 1882)
- A Monster Calls( Patrick Ness, 2011)
- Hans (comics, 1980-2000)
- The Reader (Bernhard Schlink, 1995)

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Episode 18

Welcome to episode 18!  We are books men! TheDean! & PJ tell us about their March reads, and chat with the author Kemka Ezinwo about her book Captured Within (agneskaye.com)

Books Discussed include:

- Joseph Balsamo / Memoirs Of a Physician pt2 (Alexandre Dumas, 1846)
- Bouvard et Pécuchet (Gustave Flaubert, 1881)
- The Illustrious Gaudissart (Honoré de Balzac, 1833)
- Poetry Anthology (Miguel Hernandez, 1933-42)
- Captured Within (Kemka Ezinwo, 2018)
- Gallery Of Mothers (J.S. Latshaaw, 2020)
- Top Girls (Caryl Churchill, 1982)
- Never Let Me Go (Kazuo Ishiguro, 2005)
- El Asesinato de Socrates, (Marcos Chicot, 2016)
- The Cat In The Hat, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, McElligot's Pool, If I Ran The Circus (Dr Seuss, 1947-57)

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Episode 17

 Welcome to a fun positivity-filled episode where we loved all the books we read this month!! TheDean! & PJ chat about all their February reads and their recent excursions to bookshops together, give some recommendations, and interview our surprise guest, the author JS Latshaw (jlatshaw.com).

We close with "It's So Hard", used with permission, by the amazing Rachael Sage. 

Books discussed include:

- Winterset Hollow (Jonathan Edward Durham, 2021)
- The Black Tulip (Alexandre Dumas, 1850)
- Joseph Balsamo (aka Memoirs Of A Physician vol 1) (Alexandre Dumas, 1946-8)
- Como Agua Para Chocolate (Laura Esquivel, 1992)
- Lives Of Eminent Philosophers (Diogenes Laertius, c.200 BC)
- Waiting For Godot (Samuel Beckett, 1953)
- The Member Of The Wedding (Carson McCullers, 1946)
- Un Viejo que leía novelas de amor (1988); Historia de una gaviota y del gato que enseñó a volar (1996), historia de un perro llamado Leal (2016) (all Luis Sepúlveda)
- The Threat Below (J.S. Latshaw, 2015)

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Episode 16

The Books Boys turn sweet 16! TheDean! and PJ (and Little Alfred) are back with another episode as we chat about what we have been reading in January, give some recommendations, play some music, Dean gets swindled by Dumas, and we speak with the amazing author Susan Ferber (susanfurberbooks.com) who surprised us with a call-in!

Books discussed include:
- Middlemarch (George Eliot, 1872)
- The Argonautica (Apollonius Rhodius, C3rd BC)
- Bruno's Dream (Iris Murdoch, 1969)
- La Hojarasca (Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1972)
- The Son of Porthos ("Alexandre Dumas", 1883)
- The Essence Of An Hour (Susan Furber, 2021)
- The Fifth Mountain (Paulo Coelho, 1996)
- Shadow of a Gunman; Juno & The Paycock (Sean O'Casey, 1923-4)

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Episode 15

 Happy New Year from the Books Boys!

TheDean! & PJ chat about their December reading, give their top 3 books they reviewed in 2021, and interview author N. Daniel (ndaniel.us) who called in to talk about his brand new book Burn This City To The Ground 

Books discussed include:

- La Casa De Los Espiritus (Isabel Allende, 1982)
- Nicomachean Ethics (Aristotle, 350 BC)
- The War Of The Worlds (H.G. Wells, 1898)
- The Picture Of Dorian Gray, (Oscar Wilde, 1890)
- The Sheep Man's Christmas (Haruki Murakami, 1989)
- Burn This City To The Ground (N. Daniel, 2021)

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In December alone we released: 

- Playboys 7 & 8 - detailed reviews / study guides of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure and Othello (both on the A-level syllabus)
- Film Fellows 3: Nightcrawler
- Poetry Pals 2
- Interviews From The Vault 8: Meghan Cary (about her album Building This House)
- Music Men 2: The Christmas Collection
- Darkplace Dreamers 2: reviewing episode 2 of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
- Caper Captains 6: And Then There Were None (guessing whodunnit in one of the best-selling books in history)

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