Episode 14

Hey hey it's Episode 14 of Books Boys! TheDean! & PJ catch up and chat about the books they've read in the past month. We also have a surprise call in from the author Juliet Rose (authorjulietrose.com)

Books discussed include: 
- A Clergyman's Daughter (George Orwell, 1935)
- The Histories (Herodotus, 430 B.C.)
- Relato de Un Naufrago (Gabriel García Márquez, 1955)
- Hard Boiled Wonderland & The End Of The World (Haruki Murakami, 1985)
- Daredevil comics
- Do Over (Juliet Rose, 2021)
- La Garza y La Violeta (Rafael Arozarena, 1998)

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Episode 13

It's the 1 year anniversary show!! It's also Hallowe'en, and we have some treats in store for you. We review some Orwell, learn how to run, and talk to Jonathan Edward Durham about his amazing book Winterset Hollow (jonathanedwarddurham.com). Also hear about TheDean!'s trip to Madrid to scour the local bookshops. 

- Burmese Days (George Orwell, 1934)

- Coming Up For Air (George Orwell, 1939)

- You Don't Know Who You Are Until You've Gone Too Far (Leah Sackett, upcoming)

- Winterset Hollow (Jonathan Edward Durham, 2021)

- What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (Haruki Murakami, 2007)

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Episode 12

It's the final month of our first year of books boys!

PJ keeps it light-hearted, while TheDean! gets very annoyed with Jane Austen and Virgil. We also hear from the lovely Sandy Barker (sandybarker.com) as she chats about her books.

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Books discussed include:

- Emma (Jane Austen, 1815)
- The Aeneid (Virgil, 19BC)
- Silas Marner (George Eliot, 1861)
- One Summer In Santorini (Sandy Barker, 2019)
- Pippi Goes On Board (Astrid Lindgren, 1946)
- Astrix and Obelix comics - Asterix and the Goths (1963)


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Episode 11

Welcome to Episode 11! The Books Boys are back with another stacked episode!
PJ buys toilet paper, we get sued, we visit The Night Hunter, and of course, we review and recommend some Books!

Plus the amazing author Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger calls in to discuss her brand new book The Woman At The Gates, a World War 2 novel with a lot of her real family history included, which comes out 2nd September. (https://inktreks.com)

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Books discussed include:
- Mansfield Park (Jane Austen, 1814)
- The Devils / The Possessed Fyodor (Dostoyevsky, 1871)
- Pippi Longstocking (Astrid Lindgren, 1945)
- The Woman At The Gates (Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger, 2021)
- The Anabasis / The March Up Country (Xenophon, 370BC)
- Lies (T.M. Logan, 2017)

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Bonus: The Odyssey

We did a bonus crossover episode with the history podcast Well That Aged Well. Hear our full book review of the ancient Greek classic, Homer's The Odyssey

Episode 10

 TheDean! & PJ are back for Episode 10 of Books Boys!! Have you figured out what books are yet?

This month, TheDean!'s a die-hard romantic, and PJ goes through the looking glass. Plus we have TWO call-ins, one from the author Rev Aleeceha Pitts (aleecheapitts.com)and one from @secondhandbookman  who tells the books boys about a rare Dickens story. 

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Books discussed on this episode include:

- The Count Of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas, 1844)

- Lost Connections (Johann Hari, 2018)

- Misericordia (Benito Pérez Galdós, 1897)

- Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll, 1865)

- Through The Looking-Glass (Lewis Carroll, 1871)

- Automated Alice (Jeff Noon, 1996)

- Behind Closed Doors (BA Paris, 2016)

- Zealot (Reza Aslan, 2013)

- San Miguel Bueno, Mártir (Miguel de Unamuno, 1931)

- Let It Go For Your Sake! Forgive! (Aleechea Pitts, 2018)


Bonus episode: interview with Michael pellegrino

 TheDean! chats with Michael pellegrino about his new site for authors theauthorsworld.com. Michael is a best selling author and a member of writers guild of America, also he is a Hollywood agent and has worked with the likes of The Four Tops, Ronnie McNeir, Larry Braggs, Ice-T, Coco. Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Hulk Hogan.


Video version: https://youtu.be/7AJZPhf2WnM