The Life Of a Fellow Called Chester

 Dean's new short story, dystopian and sad as it may be. Hear the dramatic reading complete with song clips. A video version complete with illustrations was released on a few weeks ago also. 

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Caper Captains Episode 2

 Here is our 2nd Caper Captains episode...Mrs McGinty's Dead. 

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Caper Captains Episode 1

 This month, instead of bringing you archived episodes of Playboys, we are finally releasing for free some episodes of Poetry Pals and Caper Captains! Get our full back catalogue at

Here is the debut of caper captains: the mysterious affair at styles

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Poetry Pals 2

 This month instead of archived episodes of Playboys, we bring you some old episodes of Poetry Pals and Caper Captains. Get all our latest shows at

This episodes features some of PJ's poems. 

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Poetry Pals 1

 This month instead of archive Playboys episodes we finally bring you some old episodes of Poetry Pals, and some Caper Captains!

Here on ep 1 of Poetry Pals, we did a crossover with Sun from The Written Word to chat about some poems. 

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Episode 40: What We Read In January

 The Books Boys are back, ready to kick ass in 2024! We have read a bunch of books between us, and it's a clean sweep for great books this month! Plus the author Howard Kaplan calls in to talk about his book and having been a spy (

Books discussed include:

- The History Of Pendennis (WM Thackeray, 1848-50)

- La Dama Del Alba / The Lady Of The Dawn (Alejandro Casona, 1944)

- We Have Always Lived In The Castle (Shirley Jackson, 1962)

- The Mayor Of Casterbridge (Thomas Hardy, 1886)

- The Syrian Sunset (Howard Kaplan, 2022)

- Around The World In Eighty Days (Jules Verne, 1872)

- Narcissus And Goldmund (Hermann Hesse, 1930)

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Darkplace Dreamers 15: The Sandman ep9

 We are getting near the end of our dreamy saga, join Dean & Robert for another sandman episode. Get the latest DD episodes on

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New album: A Dozen More

 TheDean! has a new album out! The follow-up to The Dozen Most Listenable (2021), A Dozen More, released Jan 2024, features half a dozen new tracks and half a dozen more songs from the vault. 

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Playboys Episode 16: Titus Andronicus

 A year ago we went to see this play in Shakespeare's globe theatre, read it also, and reviewed on Now hear the review for free. For our latest episodes go to patreon!

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Playboys Extra 11: Historia De Una Escalera

 Released a year ago on, hear it now for free as we review a fantastic play by Antonio Buero Vallejo. Get our latest reviews on patreon. 

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