Playboys Extra 10: An Inspector Calls

 A year ago on, Dean & PJ reviewed one of Dean's all-time favourite plays. Check it out now for free. 

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Books Boys Bonus: Kev Evren Interview

 Join us for a bonus interview, one more before xmas! Dean chats with Kenneth Evren ( about his new book Body Of Fates

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Episode 38: What We Read In November

We sent a lot of books down the gutter this month, but there were still some we really enjoyed as well. Welcome to our November reads. Join Dean & Alex for book reviews, Alfred for slacking off, and author Jeff Sheckter ( for surprise a call-in!

Books discussed include:

- The Daedalus Protocol (Jeff Sheckter, 2023)

- The Works Of Alexandre Dumas (short story collection) (Dumas, 1830s-60s, compiled 1927)

- Numero Zero (Umberto Eco, 2015)

- Interview With The Vampire (Anne Rice, 1976)

- Sonata De Primavera / Spring Sonata (Ramón María del Valle-Inclán, 1904)

- La Biblioteca De Los Sueños Imposibles / The Library of Impossible Dreams (Lin Rina, 2021)

- A Lie Of The Mind (Sam Shepard, 1985)

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Darkplace Dreamers 13: The Sandman ep7

 Another tv review from the vault - dean and robert review another episode of netflix's The Sandman. Get the latest DD episodes on where we're reviewing house of the dragon

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Playboys Extra 8: La Fundación

 We bring you another play review from the patreon vault. Join Dean, and Mireya for her final episode, we we review The Foundation, another classic spanish play by Vallejo. Get the latest playboys eps on

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Playboys Extra Episode 7: The Importance Of Being Earnest

 Another from our patreon vault, 1 year ago Dean & Alex reviewed the classic oscar wilde play. Get the latest playboys episodes on

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Books Boys Episode 37: 3 Year Aniversario!: What We Read In October

Join the books boys Dean & Alex as we celebrate Hallowe'en, and 3 years of Books Boys!!  Featuring surprise many call-ins, including the author Gary Braver (

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Books discussed include:

- Rumour Of Evil (Gary Braver, 2023)

- The Works Of Dumas (short story collection) (Alexandre Dumas, 1830s-1860s, compiled & released 1927)

- La Mala Hora / In Evil Hour (Gabriel García Márquez, 1962)

- Best Fairy Tales (Hans Christian Andersen, 1830s-60s, compiled & released 2016)

- The Spy / The Life Of a Useless Man (Maxim Gorky, 1908)

- Madame De Pompadour (Nancy Mitford, 1995)

- Curse Of The Starving Class (Sam Shepherd, 1977)

- La Vida Es Sueño / Life Is A Dream (Pedro Calderón De La Barca, 1635) 

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Books Boys Bonus: Artificial Wisdom

 It's time for a bonus episode!  We read an amazing book, Artificial Wisdom, by Thomas R. Weaver ( and absolutely loved it. 

In a future where human incompetence has caused a climate disaster, should we let an AI become global dictator to fix it all? That's the backdrop of this book, but add in reporter Tully investigating possible crime links in the human opponent of the AI for the dictator race, links to thousands of deaths, moral issues, and the murder of the creator of Solomon, the AI candidate. 

Join us as Dean chats with Thomas about the book. 

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Darkplace Dreamers 12: Sandman ep6

We continue with the sandman saga. Is it any good?

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Playboys Extra Episode 6: Shadows Of The Glen

 A year ago Dean & PJ reviewed a short Irish play on Here it is now for free. Get all the latest episodes on patreon. 

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