Episode 32: What We Read In May

 Playboy Alex has been upgraded to a full Books Boy! Join him and TheDean! as they chat about what they read in May, sing sea shanties, and interview surprise guest author Douglas J. Wood (douglasjwood.com).

Books discussed include:

- The Shakespeare Killer (Douglas J. Wood, 2023)

- Hadrian's Empire (Danny Danziger & Nicholas Purcell, 2005)

- Pétalos (Guadalupe Nettel, 2007)

- Miau (Benito Pérez Galdós, 1888)

- Man On The Run, Charles Salzberg, 2023)

- Those Learned Ladies & The Would-be Gentleman (Molière, 1670-2)

- Chicot The Jester (Alexandre Dumas, 1846)

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Darkplace Dreamers 7: The Sandman ep1

 Dean and darkplace robert are back with a new series of Darkplace Dreamers, now reviewing the netflix show The Sandman. 

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Playboys: Renaissance Renaissanced 2: The Jew Of Malta

Travel to April 2022 to follow up on the merchant of venice as dean & alex review the play that may have inspired it, marlowe's jew of malta

Playboys: Renaissance Renaissanced 1: Dr. Faustus

 Travel back to May 2021 as Dean & PJ decide to review a contemporary of shakespeare's, christopher marlowe. Listen as Dr Faustus makes a deal with the devil. 

Episode 31: What We Read In April

 Welcome to Episode 31, the same age as both Books Boys! Happy birthday to both of us. 

Dean & PJ cover the books they read in April, hear a couple of recommendations in voicemails, chat to the author Albert Kemp, and PJ gives a big announcement.

Books discussed include:

- Killing Plato/ El Asesinato De Platón (Marcus Chicot, 2020)

- Brexit Unmasked (Albert Kemp, 2023)

- The Swindler / El Buscón (Francisco de Quevedo, 1626)

- The Tragedy Of a Genius / The Quest For The Absolute (Honoré de Balzac, 1834)

- Such Foolish Affected Ladies (Molière, 1659)

- The Secret Old Woods / Il Segreto del Bosco Vecchio (Dino Buzzati, 1935)

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Darkplace Dreamers: Episode 6

 Travel back in time a year, and open the doors of darkplace for the final time, as Dean and Darkplace Robert review the final episode of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

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 This episode is called The Creeping Moss From The Shores of Shuggoth

Playboys 12: The Merchant Of Venice

 If you prick us, do we not bleed? Journey back a year and join Dean, Alex, and Robert as we review The Merchant Of Venice

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