Episode 20

 Welcome to Books Boys Episode 20!!

We tried so hard to keep the runtime under 2hrs this month. TheDean! ventures into some more modern books, before taking refuge in dickens's deputy, and PJ sneaks in some 9th art to the reading list! We also have a surprise call-in from author Sharon Sutila to talk about her book The Stealing (thestealing.com)

Books discussed include:

- The Country Doctor (Honoré de Balzac, 1833)

- The House of the Cat and Racket (Balzac, 1830)

- Little Novels (Wilkie Collins, 1887) 

- The Perfume (Patrick Suskind, 1985)

- Lunar Park (Bret Easton Ellis, 2005)

- The Stealing (S.A. Sutila, 2021)

- The Discovery of Heaven (Harry Mulisch, 1992)

- Comet In Moominland (Tove Jansson, 1946)

- The Hundred Year Old Man (Jonas Jonasson, 2009)

- Nimm's Leicht! (Loriot, 1981)

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  1. How does calling in work? I'm an author and would like to discuss my book.


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