Episode 19

Welcome to a bumper 2hr spectacular edition of Books Boys.

We both celebrated our birthdays this month, and we both did ALOT of reading! Plus, we have surprise call-ins from TWO authors: Hugo Cukurs (hughcukurs.com) and Susan Salenger (susansalenger.com), and we hear PJ's amazing new song about the taming of the shrew. 

Books (and plays) discussed include:

- Far Away (Caryl Churchill, 2000) 
- Lost Illusions (Honoré de Balzac, 1837-43)
- The Marriage Contract (Balzac, 1835) 
- The Marquess's Daughter (Alexandre Dumas, 1870)
- The Kindness Workbook (Robin Raven, 2021)
- Sidelined: How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Health (Susan Salenger, 2022)
- Samurais of Fukushima: The Battle Of The Dead (Hugo Cukurs, 2018)
- Peer Gynt; Ghosts (Henrik Ibsen, 1867; 1882)
- A Monster Calls( Patrick Ness, 2011)
- Hans (comics, 1980-2000)
- The Reader (Bernhard Schlink, 1995)

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