Episode 34: What We Read In July

 Yowsah it's a long one guys!

 In between his travels around central and northern Spain, Dean chats with Alex, himself in between shifts at the playboy mansion, about all the books they've read. Alex has been on the horrors, Dean's on the usual mix of classics and spanish lit, and we have TWO authors call in: Mark Angelo (markangelo.ca) to talk about his children's book, and Lyn Squire (lynsquiremysteries.com) to talk about his Dickens murder mystery!

Books discussed include:
- Eugénie Grandet (Balzac, 1833)

- Germinal (Zola, 1894)

- The Haunting Of Hill House (Shirley Jackson, 1959)

- Can We Play Baseball, Mr. DeMille? (Mark Angelo, 2023)

- Immortalised to Death (Lyn Squire, 2023)

- Bonfire Of The Vanities (Tom Wolfe, 1987)

- Dracula (Bram Stoker, 1897)

- El Tiempo Entre Costuras / The Time Between Seams (María Dueñas, 2009)

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