Episode 32: What We Read In May

 Playboy Alex has been upgraded to a full Books Boy! Join him and TheDean! as they chat about what they read in May, sing sea shanties, and interview surprise guest author Douglas J. Wood (douglasjwood.com).

Books discussed include:

- The Shakespeare Killer (Douglas J. Wood, 2023)

- Hadrian's Empire (Danny Danziger & Nicholas Purcell, 2005)

- Pétalos (Guadalupe Nettel, 2007)

- Miau (Benito Pérez Galdós, 1888)

- Man On The Run, Charles Salzberg, 2023)

- Those Learned Ladies & The Would-be Gentleman (Molière, 1670-2)

- Chicot The Jester (Alexandre Dumas, 1846)

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