Episode 25: 2 Year Aniversario!

 Welcome to Episode 25, our 2 year anniversary show! Woohoo!!

This one goes a little bit long, as TheDean! & PJ chat about all the books they read in October, celebrate 2 years of books boys with some cameos and call-ins, give us their Hallowe'en recommendations, and much more. We also chat with author Gary F Bengier, original CFO of ebay (garyfbengier.com) whose book we reviewed last month. And in particular we recommend Lindsay Sealey's book Made For More (lindsaysealey.com)

Books discussed include:

- Doña Perfecta (Benito Pérez Galdós, 1876)
- The Conspirators (Alexandre Dumas, 1843)
- La Tía Tula (Miguel de Unamuno, 1921)
- Requiem For A Spanish Peasant (Ramón J. Sender, 1953) - (thanks to elpatiaz.es for sending)
- A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens, 1843)
- Unfettered Journey (Gary F. Bengier, 2020)
- Made For More (Lindsay Sealey, 2022)
-  The Great And Secret Show (Clive Barker, 1989)
- Henry IV (Luigi Pirandello, 1921)

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