Episode 10

 TheDean! & PJ are back for Episode 10 of Books Boys!! Have you figured out what books are yet?

This month, TheDean!'s a die-hard romantic, and PJ goes through the looking glass. Plus we have TWO call-ins, one from the author Rev Aleeceha Pitts (aleecheapitts.com)and one from @secondhandbookman  who tells the books boys about a rare Dickens story. 

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Books discussed on this episode include:

- The Count Of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas, 1844)

- Lost Connections (Johann Hari, 2018)

- Misericordia (Benito Pérez Galdós, 1897)

- Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll, 1865)

- Through The Looking-Glass (Lewis Carroll, 1871)

- Automated Alice (Jeff Noon, 1996)

- Behind Closed Doors (BA Paris, 2016)

- Zealot (Reza Aslan, 2013)

- San Miguel Bueno, Mártir (Miguel de Unamuno, 1931)

- Let It Go For Your Sake! Forgive! (Aleechea Pitts, 2018)


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